Photograph of a blue tit

Zoology Live Day 4: Birds

Welcome back to day 4 of our online Zoology Live festival. We hope you have been enjoying the wonderful wildlife around you this week.

Join us TODAY at 4pm for beautiful birdsong and top tips on watching our fine feathered friends, including LIVE interviews with Dr Tony Fulford and Dr Andrew Bladon, with your chance to put your bird-related questions to them.

Find Out More About Birds

There is solace in nature, and no more so when listening to bird song. Relax to the sounds of the dawn chorus from early in May:

(c) Ulla Moilanen

The lockdown has brought with it a reduction in traffic noise. The sounds of nature have become easier to hear, and some of the most beautiful sounds of nature are the songs of birds. Listen to Dr Tony Fulford’s wonderful recordings of blackbirds and warblers, and test your ear for the different species.

Photograph of a woodpigeon caught by a camera trap
(c) Rosalyn Wade

Some birds we see all the time, but that doesn’t stop them from being interesting. From woodpigeons to robins, blue tits to starlings, birds are endlessly fascinating. Take some time out to watch from your window or in your garden.

Why not download our Open Your Window Bingo and see what your bird watching scores.

Photograph of a great tit

Fancy a bit of a challenge? Try out the British Birds Brainteaser cryptic crossword created by Department of Zoology PhD student Tanmay Dixit.

Remember to share your wildlife photos and creations with us on social media, using the #ZoologyLive and you could feature in our Online Community Gallery, and upload your sightings onto iRecord to take part in our Zoology Live Wildlife Challenge.

If you are enjoying our Zoology Live Online Festival, do think about nominating us for the Kids in Museums Family Friendly Museum from Home award. We would also love to know what you think of the festival: you can find our online survey here.

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