Starling on a branch

Five Minutes in Nature: Starlings

Winter is a tough time of year, with its short days, long nights, and often overcast skies. But there is still wildlife to be enjoyed, and spending time in nature has been shown to improve wellbeing. With these posts, the team at the Museum of Zoology are sharing how they like to spend five minutes in nature and get reacquainted with the wildlife on their … Continue reading Five Minutes in Nature: Starlings

Startling murmuration in the sky at sunset

12 Days of Winter Wildlife: 12 Days of Critters

Throughout this week we have been sharing some amazing winter wildlife with you, and today we have joined this all up as our 12 Days of Critters. Why not download the song sheet and sing along with your new festive favourite: Find out about the 12 critters, and scroll down to learn how to make your own origami starling murmuration to decorate your home. Winter … Continue reading 12 Days of Winter Wildlife: 12 Days of Critters

Photograph of a blue tit

Zoology Live Day 4: Birds

Welcome back to day 4 of our online Zoology Live festival. We hope you have been enjoying the wonderful wildlife around you this week. Join us TODAY at 4pm for beautiful birdsong and top tips on watching our fine feathered friends, including LIVE interviews with Dr Tony Fulford and Dr Andrew Bladon, with your chance to put your bird-related questions to them. Find Out More … Continue reading Zoology Live Day 4: Birds

Photograph of a starling coming in to feed at a bird feeder

Birds: Starlings

Academic in the Department of Zoology, and one of our visitor engagement volunteers in the Museum, Dr Tony Fulford writes: Pirates, pirates!  Other garden birds take refuge when a gang of starlings descends.  Gangling, long-legged, short-tailed and sharp-billed they strut about at twice the speed of other birds, dominating the bird feeders and forever squabbling.  There has to be more to such a gregarious, lively, … Continue reading Birds: Starlings