Photograph of newts, ramshorn snail and other results of pond dipping

Zoology Live Day 3: Pondlife and Wildlife Films

Welcome back to our online Zoology Live festival. Today we will be exploring the wildlife living in ponds.

Join us TODAY at 4pm for pond-dipping advice and tips of filming wildlife on a budget, and LIVE interviews with your chance to ask Dr Frances Dipper your questions about aqautic wildlife, and quiz Ellie Bladon on wildlife filmaking.

Find Out More About Pondlife

The Museum team have been sharing the wildlife from their garden ponds this spring in our Pondwatch series. Check out the animals living in the pond of our Learning Officer Dr Roz Wade:

Dr Ed Turner, Curator of Insects, gives his top tips for pond-dipping, and shares some of the animals he has found living in his pond:

Mini stone stairway leading to top of planter

It is really amazing what even a little bit of water can do for the wildlife in your garden. Don’t think you have space for a garden pond? Follow our how to guide on making a mini-garden pond from a window box or plant pot.

Photograph of a frog and a pond snail amid aquatic plants
(c) Mathew Lowe

Love amphibians? You can find out how to make an origami frog and download our frog lifecycle colouring in from our Jumping for Joy: Frog Crafts post. Or make your own tapioca frogspawn with the Puggle Club.

Remember to share your wildlife photos and creations with us on social media, using the #ZoologyLive and you could feature in our Online Community Gallery, and upload your sightings onto iRecord to take part in our Zoology Live Wildlife Challenge.

If you are enjoying our Zoology Live Online Festival, do think about nominating us for the Kids in Museums Family Friendly Museum from Home award. We would also love to know what you think of the festival: you can find our online survey here.

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