Heart and dart moth in trap

Zoology Live Day 5: Nighttime Wildlife

Welcome back for day 5 of our online Zoology Live festival. So far we have been exploring the wildlife you might see around you during the day, but today it is the turn of noctural wildlife.

We were live on YouTube at 4pm on Friday 26 June, where we delved into the world of moths and bats, with LIVE interview with moth expert Annette Shelford. The internet connection with bat expert Henry Stanier didn’t quite work on the day, but we have since asked him to answer your questions, and this can now be found on YouTube:

More About Nocturnal Wildlife

Heart and dart moth in trap
Heart and dart moth in trap

Why not try building your own moth trap, or using a white sheet and a light source to watch the moths near you. We’ll be setting one up at the end of today’s show, and showing you the results on Saturday morning at 11am.

And make a nighttime wildlife mobile? We have instructions on how to make some moths in our Crafy Creatures post.

Heard something snuffling loudly in your garden? You may be lucky and have a hedgehog there. You can find out more about our prickly friends in our Hedgehog post here. And hear our own Prickly Tale story for early years in this Puggle Club post.

Remember to share your wildlife photos and creations with us on social media, using the #ZoologyLive and you could feature in our Online Community Gallery, and upload your sightings onto iRecord to take part in our Zoology Live Wildlife Challenge.

If you are enjoying our Zoology Live Online Festival, do think about nominating us for the Kids in Museums Family Friendly Museum from Home award. We would also love to know what you think of the festival: you can find our online survey here.

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