Robin singing

Birdsong in Early Spring

For Twilight with the Museums this year, the Museum of Zoology worked with other Museums across Cambridge to develop a digital sleepover – activities that families could do together at home inspired by the Museums’ collections. As part of this, our Curator of Birds Dr Daniel Field and learning officer Dr Roz Wade ventured out early one morning in February to see which birds were … Continue reading Birdsong in Early Spring

Blackbird next to a mocked-up museum label

Five minutes in nature: Ringneck the blackbird

Museum Collections Manager Matt Lowe writes: The past 12 months has meant a lot more screen time, especially for a collections manager who has a never ending list of edits for a museum database that seems longer than, well…. a year under lockdown. Ordinarily, to give tired eyes a rest, we would look up from our screens to chat to colleagues, or go and double … Continue reading Five minutes in nature: Ringneck the blackbird

Daffodils and helebores in the Botanic Garden

Wildlife Diaries from the Botanic Garden: March 6-12

Welcome back to Wildlife Diaries. This is a collaboration between the Museum of Zoology and Cambridge University Botanic Garden, sharing the wildlife of the Garden as spring arrives. Catch up with last week’s post, with its flowers and fragrances, hibernating ladybirds and singing robins, and join us for a special livestream at 5pm on April 1, when you can ask your questions to our panel … Continue reading Wildlife Diaries from the Botanic Garden: March 6-12

Photograph of a robin in a yew tree

12 Days of Winter Wildlife: Garden Birds

For day two of our 12 Days of Winter Wildlife, we are celebrating our feathered friends. Winter can be tough for birds. As the temperature drops, they need more energy to keep warm. But once the bounty of berries and seeds of the autumn is over, food can be in short supply. Provide birds with food in your garden or outdoor space and you can … Continue reading 12 Days of Winter Wildlife: Garden Birds

Photograph of a ramshorn snail and two baby newts in a pond dipping tray

Pondwatch Episode 6: Summer in the Pond

Roz Wade, Learning Officer at the Museum, writes: The garden pond has been thriving over the summer, and I have loved watching the wildlife it is supporting. Since the last episode of Pondwatch I have been pond dipping several times, and found some beautiful animals living in the water. It is wonderful to see so many baby newts, from tiny, almost transparent ones without any … Continue reading Pondwatch Episode 6: Summer in the Pond

Photograph of a blue tit

Zoology Live Day 4: Birds

Welcome back to day 4 of our online Zoology Live festival. We hope you have been enjoying the wonderful wildlife around you this week. Join us TODAY at 4pm for beautiful birdsong and top tips on watching our fine feathered friends, including LIVE interviews with Dr Tony Fulford and Dr Andrew Bladon, with your chance to put your bird-related questions to them. Find Out More … Continue reading Zoology Live Day 4: Birds

Photograph of a male blackbird

Song of the Blackbird

Academic in the Department of Zoology, and one of our visitor engagement volunteers in the Museum, Dr Tony Fulford writes: ‘How many people don’t recognise one of the nation’s favourite birds?  For those unfamiliar with the blackbird, the male is jet black with a bright yellow bill and yellow ring around his eye.  The female is similar-looking but is dark brown, often with a few … Continue reading Song of the Blackbird