Photograph of a fela beetle

Zoology Live Day 6: A Week of Wildlife

Welcome back to the final day of our online Zoology Live festival. We hope you have enjoyed our week of wildlife. Today we have a series of short YouTube Live events, where we will be sharing this week’s wildlife findings and more with you.

11am: Moth Trap results!

Photograph of a heart and dart moth
(c) Sara Steele

Museum Research Assistant Matt Hayes will be showing us the results of his moth trap, and will be here LIVE to answer your questions about how he set it up and more generally about butterflies and moths.

12pm: Pitfall Traps Results

(c) Matt Lowe

We will be joined LIVE by Dr Ed Turner, our Curator of Insects, as he updates us on what he has been finding in the pitfall traps in his garden this week, and answering any insect-related questions you might have. Join in the chat in the comments on YouTube, or be using the #ZoologyLive on social media.

1pm: Surveying Insects

(c) Matt Lowe

We will be sharing with you another technique for surveying insects: beat netting. This is far more gentle than it sounds, and is a great way of seeing some of the minibeasts that you might otherwise go unnoticed. We will then be joined LIVE by our Research Assistant Matt Hayes to help answer any questions about the insects in your garden.

2pm: Pond Dipping

We will be exploring the garden pond of learning officer Dr Roz Wade, and after introducing you to the newts and other wildlife living in her pond she will be joined LIVE by our pond-dipping expert Dr Frances Dipper to share the results of today’s pond dipping.

3pm: A Week of Wildlife

Photograph of a nuthatch on a tree trunk
(c) John Howlett

We’re nearing the end of our week of wildlife. We start with some top tips for making a wildlife film with Ellie Bladon, and she will be with us LIVE to answer your questions about wildlife film making. We will then look through your top wildlife spots of this week, and share the entries to our Recycled Makes and LEGO creature challenges.The competition closes at midnight on Sunday 28 June. A prize draw of all entries made will then take place, and the winner of that will be contacted by the Museum. So if you haven’t entered yet get your creative hat on and be inspired by the nature near you to make an animals from recycled materials or LEGO.

4pm: The Great Zoology Live Quiz

We are bringing our Zoology Live Online Festival to a close with a fantastic Zoology Live quiz. Take part between 4-5pm on Saturday 27 June, and you can be entered into a prize draw to win one of our Minibeast field kits.

The Museum will only use any personal data provided to inform you if you have been successful in the prize draw. They will not be shared with anyone else. For more details about how we handle your personal information and your rights under data protection legislation please see the University’s Information Compliance pages:    

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