Photograph of a katydid on a leaf

Zoology Live! Nature Classroom

Did you join us for Zoology Live last week? We had a wonderful week talking to experts about local wildlife, and finding out how we might watch the nature on our doorsteps. In this Nature Classroom we will be taking a look back at some of the things we learnt last week, from interviews with wildlife experts to insect surveys and more. These activities support … Continue reading Zoology Live! Nature Classroom

Photograph of a fela beetle

Zoology Live Day 6: A Week of Wildlife

Welcome back to the final day of our online Zoology Live festival. We hope you have enjoyed our week of wildlife. Today we have a series of short YouTube Live events, where we will be sharing this week’s wildlife findings and more with you. 11am: Moth Trap results! Museum Research Assistant Matt Hayes will be showing us the results of his moth trap, and will … Continue reading Zoology Live Day 6: A Week of Wildlife

Lego pieces

LEGO Creature Challenge

For #ZoologyLive 2020 we challenge you to build an animal you have seen using LEGO. LEGO bricks are excellent building materials that allow us to use our creativity, imagination, and observations to create sculptures. The tips below will help you to get started and let you know how to enter our prize draw… #LetsBuildTogether and Create a Lego Creature Top tips: Build a creature you … Continue reading LEGO Creature Challenge