Dark brown cow looking to camera

What’s in that Cowpat?

Have you ever walked through Coe Fen or on Midsummer Common in Cambridge, looked at the cowpats and wondered what lived inside? Well now is your chance to find out! For Zoology Live 2021, we are launching Cowpats About Cambridge (and beyond). Inspired by the Cows About Cambridge sculpture trail, we are asking you to help us collect data on the animals living in cowpats. … Continue reading What’s in that Cowpat?

Photograph of a peacock buttefly on a flower

Watching Summer Wildlife

This is the final Nature Classroom post before the summer holidays. We hope you have been enjoying exploring the natural world with us this term. We thought we would finish the term with some fun activities engaging with the wildlife on your doorstep. There is information about a fantastic citizen science project from Butterfly Conservation, as well as wildlife-watching activities as part of Summer at … Continue reading Watching Summer Wildlife

Photograph of a katydid on a leaf

Zoology Live! Nature Classroom

Did you join us for Zoology Live last week? We had a wonderful week talking to experts about local wildlife, and finding out how we might watch the nature on our doorsteps. In this Nature Classroom we will be taking a look back at some of the things we learnt last week, from interviews with wildlife experts to insect surveys and more. These activities support … Continue reading Zoology Live! Nature Classroom

Photograph of a fela beetle

Zoology Live Day 6: A Week of Wildlife

Welcome back to the final day of our online Zoology Live festival. We hope you have enjoyed our week of wildlife. Today we have a series of short YouTube Live events, where we will be sharing this week’s wildlife findings and more with you. 11am: Moth Trap results! Museum Research Assistant Matt Hayes will be showing us the results of his moth trap, and will … Continue reading Zoology Live Day 6: A Week of Wildlife

Photograph of a ladybird larva on a leaf

Zoology Live Day 1: Minibeasts part 1

Welcome to our online Zoology Live festival. To celebrate National Insect Week, we are starting our Zoology Live online festival with a two-day celebration of minibeasts. Joins us at TODAY at 4pm for tips on finding minibeasts on the ground and in the trees, and LIVE interviews with Dr Ed Turner, Dr Richard Preece and Kate Howlett from the Museum. Zoology Live Wildlife Challenge! Take … Continue reading Zoology Live Day 1: Minibeasts part 1

Photograph of a hoverfly resting on a leaf

Zoology Live! 22-27 June

The Museum may be closed, but there is amazing wildlife on your doorstep waiting to be explored. As we can’t celebrate our annual Zoology Live festival at the Museum this year, we are bringing it to you online instead with a week of films, interviews and activities. Every day at 4pm, join us on YouTube Live for wildlife films and live interviews with experts, and … Continue reading Zoology Live! 22-27 June

Pondwatch Episode 2: Ed Turner

We’re back with another episode of Pondwatch. This time, Dr Ed Turner, our Curator of Insects, will be taking you pond-dipping and introducing you to some of the invertebrates living in his garden pond. Don’t have a pond but you’re thinking of creating one? Now is the perfect time. There are some brilliant websites out there with hints and tips on how to do this. … Continue reading Pondwatch Episode 2: Ed Turner