Zoology Live! A Wonderful Week of Wildlife

Photograph of a nuthatch on a tree trunk
(c) John Howlett

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Zoology Live! last week. Your questions for our experts were wonderful, and we all really enjoyed sharing our love of wildlife with you.

We would love to know what you thought of the event. Please do complete our online survey:

Please note that the survey prize draw for a Wildlife Explorer Kit has already taken place.

The entries to our Recycled Makes and LEGO challenges were fantastic. Everyone who entered by the end of June 28th will be entered into a prize draw to win a Wildlife Explorer Kit. But keep sending us your photos and you will be featured in our Community Gallery and here on the blog:

Zoology Live competition winners:

Zoology Live Quiz winner: Megan G-R

Zoology Live Survey draw winner: Del Fiorentino Family

Your wildlife sightings

Some really fabulous insects and other animals were recorded on iRecord as part of our Zoology Live 2020 event, from marmalade hoverflies to carder bees, stag beetles to butterflies. We will be keeping this event open until for a few more weeks, and will share the results with you at the end of July.

Want to go further as a citizen scientist? Why not try taking part in one of these surveys. By adding your data you can help scientists and conservationists better understand our local wildlife, meaning that they can better protect it for the future.

Photograph of a goldfinch
Goldfinch (c) John Howlett

BTO Garden Birdwatch Scheme

Join the Garden Birdwarch Scheme and send in simple lists of the birds coming to your garden each week. Your data can help scientists to understand how birds are using our gardens, and so help us to know what to do to improve our homes, towns and cities for wildlife.

Find out more on the BTO website.

Photograph of a Holly Blue butterfly on a stem
(c) Mathew Lowe

Big Butterfly Count

The Big Butterfly Count is run by the charity Butterfly Conservation. This year it is running from Friday July 17 – Sunday August 9. On a sunny day, find yourself a spot to count butterflies from and do just that for 15 minutes. Butterflies can tell us a lot about the health of our habitats, so your data can help scientists to take the pulse of nature.

Find out more on the Big Butterfly Count website.

Morphing Moths: Box Moth Colours

This is a survey looking at the different colours and spread of box moths. Find out more from the survey website.

Zoology Live Broadcasts

Did you miss any of our Zoology Live broadcasts last week? Fear not, you can access them all here:

Monday 22 June: Minibeasts Part 1

Discover pitfall trapping, explore insects with Dr Ed Turner, learn about snails with Dr Richard Preece, and find out about new research into the link between nature and wellbeing with PhD student Kate Howlett.

Tuesday 23 June: Minibeasts Part 2

Go butterfly spotting with Matt Hayes and discover dragonflies and damselflies with Duncan Mackay.

Wednesday 24 June: Pond Life and Wildlife Film Making

Go pond-dipping with Dr Frances Dipper and find out about wildlife film-making with Ellie Bladon.

Thursday 25 June: Birds

Discover bird song with Dr Tony Fulford, and find out how best to encourage birds into your garden with Dr Andrew Bladon

Friday 26 June: Nighttime Wildlife

Go moth trapping with Annette Shelford and bat detecting with Henry Stanier. We had some technical issues connecting with Henry on Friday 27 June, but have since been able to catch up with him and ask your questions:

Saturday 27 June: A Week of Wildlife

At 11am we found out the results of Matt Hayes’ moth trapping

At 12 noon, Dr Ed Turner shared the results of his pitfall traps and answered your minibeast questions.

At 1pm we had a go at beat netting with Research Assistant Matt Hayes. (We apologise for the sound quality on this video, but subtitles will accompany it soon so you can find out what Matt was finding in his beat net).

At 2pm we were joined by Dr Frances Dipper as we went pond-dipping with Learning Officer Dr Roz Wade.

We rounded off the week of wildlife by revisiting wildlife film making with Ellie Bladon, and sharing your wildlife sightings and challenge entries.

Then at 4pm, we launched our Zoology Live! Quiz. Why not have a go and test your wildlife knowledge from the week…

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