Photograph of a hedgehog

A Prickly Tale

To celebrate Hedgehog Awareness Week, here’s a specially written Puggle Club story inspired by the hedgehog on display in the Museum.

Hungry Hedgehog

Words and illustrations by Rosalyn Wade

The moon was full and the stars were bright

As Hedgehog went snuffling round for a bite

‘A morsel of snail and a mouthful of slug,

A nice wriggly worm and a fine, crunchy bug,

What a meal that would make!’ Hedgehog cried out with glee

But no food could he find, not even a flea.

Said Bat, flying up in the sky overhead,

‘If it’s food that you’re after, try next door instead.

Their garden is full of great beasties to eat.

‘Fly over the fence and you’re in for a treat!’

That wasn’t a clever suggestion from Bat

Hedgehog jumped and he flapped but he fell down KERSPLAT

‘Flying’s quite hard without wings,’ Hedgehog sighed

Then nearby Owl hooted, ‘I’ll give you a ride.

‘My wings they have plenty of strength to take two,’

And down from her perch Owl silently flew.

But an ouch and an eek and an oooo Owl screeched

As Hedgehog’s sharp prickles dug into her feet.

‘My talons are scratched any my toe pads are sore,

I’m sorry I can’t help you fly after all.’

A curious Fox overheard this exchange

And snuck up and said, ‘You know I can arrange

‘To get you across to a fabulous tea

‘That fence I can jump, climb aboard and you’ll see.’

Now Hedgehog was wary of foxes because

Their teeth are quite sharp, and so are their claws

‘As it’s best to avoid the front end,’ Hedgehog thought

‘I’ll climb Fox’s tail for safer transport.’

But to climb up a tail is not easy to do

And Hedgehog gave up at try seventy-two.

Now hungrier still, Hedgehog moped around

When a tiny voice said, ‘Come see what I have found.’

It was Mouse leading Hedgehog through brambles and thorns,

To a hedgehog-sized hole to the garden next door.

Hedgehog leapt through the hole thanking Mouse as he went

And then tucked into slugs to his heart’s content.

This prickly tale has a moral for you: leave holes in your fences to let hedgehogs through.

Find out more about hedgehogs and how to be a hedgehog hero on our Wildlife From Your Window post.

Do you have a story you’d like to share? Or some drawings of hedgehogs or other animals? We would love to see them and share them on our blog. Just ask a grown up to send them through to us at or tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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