Cherry blossom

Wildlife Diaries from the Botanic Garden: March 20-26

Welcome back to Wildlife Diaries. This is a collaboration between the Museum of Zoology and Cambridge University Botanic Garden, sharing the wildlife of the Garden as spring arrives. Catch up on last week’s post, filled with moths, cherry blossom about to bloom and birds collecting nesting materials , and the week before with with badgers, bats and more, and the first Wildlife Diaries post with … Continue reading Wildlife Diaries from the Botanic Garden: March 20-26

Ladybirds in the crevices of a branch

12 Days of Winter Wildlife: Hibernation

Here we are on day five, and if you feel like sleeping through the winter months, you are not the only ones. Many animals lower their activity or even fully hibernate over winter. You may know of hedgehogs, dormice and bats doing this, but did you know that there are insects that hibernate too? You can help hibernating wildlife through the winter. Follow the Butterfly … Continue reading 12 Days of Winter Wildlife: Hibernation

Amazing Animal Adaptations

To celebrate the Museum reopening on September 24, for pre-booked visits only (for details and how to book, see our website), we have developed a new trail around the galleries taking in some of the amazing adaptations on display. Not able to visit the Museum? You can explore these adaptations here, with some extra ideas on ways you can discover more about animal evolution at … Continue reading Amazing Animal Adaptations

Photograph of newts, ramshorn snail and other results of pond dipping

Zoology Live Day 3: Pondlife and Wildlife Films

Welcome back to our online Zoology Live festival. Today we will be exploring the wildlife living in ponds. Join us TODAY at 4pm for pond-dipping advice and tips of filming wildlife on a budget, and LIVE interviews with your chance to ask Dr Frances Dipper your questions about aqautic wildlife, and quiz Ellie Bladon on wildlife filmaking. Find Out More About Pondlife The Museum team … Continue reading Zoology Live Day 3: Pondlife and Wildlife Films

Frogspawn Fun

In garden ponds across the country, clumps of jelly-like eggs are hatching into little, wriggling tadpoles. Here at the Puggle Club we are celebrating the amazing world of baby frogs with some fun, froggy activities. Make your own frogspawn Tapioca frogspawn (made from Cassava flour) is safe to eat, although not very tasty. It makes a great tactile experience for all ages and abilities. You … Continue reading Frogspawn Fun

Photograph of the head of a frog from above

Jumping for Joy: Frog crafts

At this time of year, ponds around the country are home to jelly-like masses of frogspawn and the small, wriggling tadpoles that have hatched from it. Check out our first pondwatch post and you can see frogspawn and tadpoles up close. We thought we could celebrate with some froggy activities and facts for you. Frog Origami Follow the video to make your own jumping frog … Continue reading Jumping for Joy: Frog crafts