Winter Wildlife: conservation storytelling

For Winter Wildlife 2021, members of the Zoology Club (13-18 year olds) met to discover and write about bird migration and the threats of climate change to migratory species. See the stories they created at the bottom of this post, or continue below to create your own story. Why migratory bird species? Scientists have calculated that climate change has affected around ⅓ of all UK … Continue reading Winter Wildlife: conservation storytelling

Photograph of a hedgehog

A Prickly Tale

To celebrate Hedgehog Awareness Week, here’s a specially written Puggle Club story inspired by the hedgehog on display in the Museum. Hungry Hedgehog Words and illustrations by Rosalyn Wade The moon was full and the stars were bright As Hedgehog went snuffling round for a bite ‘A morsel of snail and a mouthful of slug, ‘A nice wriggly worm and a fine, crunchy bug, ‘What … Continue reading A Prickly Tale