Herbie the Hedgehog’s winter hidey hole

Matt Lowe, Collections Manager at the Museum of Zoology, writes: A couple of months ago my wife and I were tidying up the pots of herbs we keep next to kitchen door when we heard a shuffling noise and what sounded awfully like snoring. That was when I realised I had succeeded in giving an overwintering hedgehog a home. In 2019, not long after we … Continue reading Herbie the Hedgehog’s winter hidey hole

Photograph of a katydid on a leaf

Zoology Live! Nature Classroom

Did you join us for Zoology Live last week? We had a wonderful week talking to experts about local wildlife, and finding out how we might watch the nature on our doorsteps. In this Nature Classroom we will be taking a look back at some of the things we learnt last week, from interviews with wildlife experts to insect surveys and more. These activities support … Continue reading Zoology Live! Nature Classroom

Photograph of a hoverfly

Coming Soon: Zoology Live!

The Museum is currently closed, but the Museum team has been beavering away preparing something special: our annual Zoology Live festival has moved online. We will be having live online activities from Monday 22 June – Saturday 27 June, with opportunities for you to chat to our experts and find out about the wildlife on your doorstep. Keep an eye on the blog and our … Continue reading Coming Soon: Zoology Live!

Photograph of a hedgehog

A Prickly Tale

To celebrate Hedgehog Awareness Week, here’s a specially written Puggle Club story inspired by the hedgehog on display in the Museum. Hungry Hedgehog Words and illustrations by Rosalyn Wade The moon was full and the stars were bright As Hedgehog went snuffling round for a bite ‘A morsel of snail and a mouthful of slug, ‘A nice wriggly worm and a fine, crunchy bug, ‘What … Continue reading A Prickly Tale