Lego pieces

LEGO Creature Challenge

For #ZoologyLive 2020 we challenge you to build an animal you have seen using LEGO. LEGO bricks are excellent building materials that allow us to use our creativity, imagination, and observations to create sculptures. The tips below will help you to get started and let you know how to enter our prize draw… #LetsBuildTogether and Create a Lego Creature Top tips: Build a creature you … Continue reading LEGO Creature Challenge

Recycled Make Challenge

Let’s be creative with materials at home For #ZoologyLive we challenge you to use the materials around you to create a creature! There are many materials, containers and items that we put into the recycle bin. While recycling is one way to look after our planet, they can also make excellent crafting materials. The natural world also provides us with some excellent crafting ingredients. Discover … Continue reading Recycled Make Challenge

Puffin craft

Flying Puffin craft

Puffins are excellent seabirds, nesting on cliffs and making the most of the ocean by diving into the waves to catch fish in their brightly-coloured beaks. The birds will dig a nesting burrow into the soil if possible, or find a sheltered ledge on the cliff-face to safely lay their eggs. Puffins can be migratory, meaning that they travel to different locations depending on the … Continue reading Flying Puffin craft

Komodo Island illustration

Here be Dragons!

Explore the real-life world of dragons… Tom Jameson, PhD student says, Dragons do not only populate the myths and legends of the past, but also the world around us. Komodo dragons, Varanus komodoensis, are the world’s largest lizards, so named for reminding early explorers of the beasts of legend. Life as a Komodo dragon Komodo dragon’s skin is rough and durable like other large lizards, … Continue reading Here be Dragons!

Photograph of the head of a frog from above

Jumping for Joy: Frog crafts

At this time of year, ponds around the country are home to jelly-like masses of frogspawn and the small, wriggling tadpoles that have hatched from it. Check out our first pondwatch post and you can see frogspawn and tadpoles up close. We thought we could celebrate with some froggy activities and facts for you. Frog Origami Follow the video to make your own jumping frog … Continue reading Jumping for Joy: Frog crafts

Cuckoo egg in host nest. Credit Claire Spottiswoode

Cryptic Egg Hunt

The Museum of Zoology team has an affinity towards eggs, from Darwin’s egg to platypus eggs, especially around this time of year. Spring offers the chance to see new generations hatching from a variety of eggs and the arrival of the chocolate kind for many of us. This year we are bringing the eggs to you with a virtual cryptic egg hunt. Egg Hunt Dr … Continue reading Cryptic Egg Hunt