Dimetrodon illustration by Alastair age 7 3/4

On the Trail of a Creature…

There’s lots of animals to be found in the Museum of Zoology. Our Young Zoologists Club members show and tell you about their favourites and welcome you to explore the collection online and create your own.

  • Hippo skeleton illustration by Thomas age 8
  • Three-toed sloth illustration by Teddy age 6
  • S
  • Shell illustrations by Laura age 10
  • Southern lesser galago illustration by Gus age 10
  • Dolphin illustration by Ada age 4
  • Dimetrodon illustration by Alastair age 7 3/4
  • Pink fairy armadillo illustration by Amy age 10
  • Reedbuck illustration by Annie age 10

Download the trail and then use the links below to explore the collection online. Choose your creature to fill in the trail gaps!

Delve into the collections online to find your Creature!

Bird display of Museum of Zoology

Discover stories about animals big and small in Animal Bytes:

Comma butterfly, Polygonia c-album

Explore images of the British insect collection of naturalist Leonard Jenyns here:

Photograph of a fin whale skeleton

We bring you the highlights of the Museum collection here:

From Aardvark to Zebra. Discover a whole alphabet of animals from the Museum collection in our Puggle Club videos.

Top tip: pause the video on an animal you like and draw from there.

Want more zoology-themed activities? Here’s a whole page dedicated to the real dragons of the world: Here be Dragons

Get crafty and create a CRASH of Rhinoceroses! in this shape-building craft

Find out more about the Young Zoologists Club, and sign up for free, on our website: https://www.museum.zoo.cam.ac.uk/learning-outreach/young-zoologists-club

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