Build a Beetle

Photograph of a fela beetle
Flea beetle (c) Bill Amos

Beetles are insects, which means that their body is made up of three parts; a head, a thorax and an abdomen.

Antennae are found on the head, and six legs attach to the thorax in the middle. If a beetle has wings for flying, they are usually found protected underneath a hard carapace on the abdomen.

Beetles come in many different shapes and sizes. Discover more in our Basking Beetles post to help you decide on a species to create.

Let’s build a beetle using the components below:

  1. Print or trace the beetle template found on this page.
  1. Cut along the black lines, leaving the glue tabs attached.
  1. Arrange your beetle into its 3 part body-plan.
  1. Decorate your 3 beetle body sections.
  1. Put glue onto the tabs and overlap to create 3-D body parts.
  1. Now glue your body parts together! You can create a rounder ladybird or leaf beetle, or a long soldier beetle, depending on how you overlap your pieces.
  1. Lastly, use items from around your house or garden to create antennae and legs.

Share your creations with us to be featured in our community gallery. Ask a grown-up to help you to tag us in your picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Discover more about beetles found in the British Isles here:

Wildlife Trusts: Explore Beetles

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