Photograph of a tawny mining bee on a flower

World Bee Day 2021

To celebrate World Bee Day 2021 our staff and volunteers have been filming the bees they see. Watch our video below to see what they found:

Observing bee behaviour

Nomad bee (c) Geoff Oliver

There’s lots of different types of bee behaviour, even in this short video. From hairy-footed flower bees digging to honey bees collecting pollen.

Did you see the nomad bee trying to cut a blade of grass?

Celebrate World Bee Day 2021 with us by observing the bees near you. Things to look out for:

  • Which flowers do they visit first?
  • Do they stay in sunny patches?
  • Where are they storing the pollen?
  • Can you spot their long tongue reaching for nectar?

Remember, most bees have a sting so be sure to observe at a safe distance and not disturb them by touching them or the flowers they land on.

Take a photograph or video if you can and share it with us by tagging us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram or using #OpenYourWindowBingo. Your photo can then be featured in our Community Gallery!

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