Common Blue Butterfly

Zoology Live! 30 June – 2 July 2021

Photograph of a goldfinch
Goldfinch (c) John Howlett

Join us online for this year’s Zoology Live! Festival. We will be live on YouTube at 7pm every evening from Wednesday 30 June to Friday 2 July.

This year we will be broadcasting from the Museum galleries and exploring the animals of the land, sea and sky. Get your questions ready for our wildlife experts, as we explore nature on the doorstep and the animals on display in the Museum. And this year we are looking for you to get involved, recording insects and making a plastics pledge to protect the planet.

Want to make sure you don’t miss out? Sign up here and you’ll get reminders of when these online events will be taking place and how to get involved.

Wednesday 30 June, 7pm: Land

Join us at 7pm on Wednesday 30 June as we launch the Zoology Live! Online Festival 2021

To celebrate the Cows About Cambridge trail, and the Moostery sculpture at the Museum of Zoology, we are going on a voyage of discovery into… cowpats! Join us as Curator of Insects Dr Ed Turner dissects a cowpat to reveal the creatures living inside, and ask him your minibeast questions. Then find out about the wildflower meadow that is being established behind one of Cambridge’s most iconic buildings – King’s College Chapel – as we talk live to botanist Dr Cicely Marshall about how meadows support our local wildlife.

Why not take part in Cowpats About Cambridge (and Beyond), as we record the dung beetles and dung flies that make their homes in these brown splats.

Thursday 1 July, 7pm: Sea

Join us at 7pm on Thursday 1 July as we go on an underwater exploration to find the animals of the sea

Take a trip underwater with us today as we dive into the oceans and explore the animals of the sea. Find out about our iconic Fin Whale and ask your questions to Collections Manager Matt Lowe about how we moved it when the Whale Hall was built. Discover the temporary exhibition and its theme of sustainablity opening soon in the Museum, and hear from artist Mella Shaw about the works going on display. Then uncover the secrets of coral reefs by asking your questions to Department of Zoology researcher Dr Katie Dunkley.

Show your love of the oceans by joining in our Plastics Challenge.

Friday 2 July, 7pm: Sky

Join us at 7pm on Friday 2 July as we take to the sky and discover things with wings

Today we launch our Butterfly Challenge for the summer, where we would love you to watch for butterflies and tell us what you see – which types of butterflies there are and what those butterflies are doing. Butterfly expert Matt Hayes will be joining us to answer your questions about British butterflies. And if you have ever wondered how butterflies get those beautiful patterns on their wings, now is your chance to ask researchers from the Department of Zoology your questions about these amazing animals.

We will keep updating this webpage with details of the Zoology Live! Festival and how you can take part – including bookable urban nature walks on Saturday 3 July – so do keep coming back to find out more!

Common Blue Butterfly
Common Blue Butterfly (c) John Howlett

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