Swan on the river viewed through willow branches

Five Minutes in Nature: A mindful journey through art and nature

Museum Volunteer Tani Gill writes:

Art and classical dance have been the core of my education and passion. In order to explain how art and nature keep me mindful and grateful for the life I have, it is important for me to remind myself of what inspired me in the early years of my life. It is these influential years that form our character and behaviour in adulthood.

When I do make time for myself, I think back to when I was a child and how I viewed nature compared to now.  I try to pluck out the carefree imagination I had then and incorporate that into my art.

In the video you will see some haunting looking trees consumed by the winter breeze; bright red berries make a wonderful contrast against the white and black backdrop of snow and bare branches. It is very hard to find inspiration during the winter blues, but I do force myself to venture out.

At times I return with nothing and at times I return feeling excited to start work on my next canvas. Accepting both feelings is a very important factor to me, if I try to defy the feelings of sadness or anxiety they tend to stew and root deeper into my mind set.

There is a lovely orchard near Madingley Hall that I enjoy going to during the spring and summer months. I have to make a conscious effort to be mindful of the entire process of getting my materials together, packing the car and driving there. If I start stressing about traffic or forgetting to pack crimson red the whole point of it being a mindful activity is lost. I will admit there have been times I have driven back for my crimson red!

Due to the lockdown, I have had more time to reevaluate my life. I am incredibly energetic and hyper by nature, but I have learnt to be more patient and relaxed.  I appreciate being around my family and enjoying using the spaces in my home for my art and dance. Best of all is knowing that I will never run out of crimson red!

Swan on the river viewed through willow branches
Image Credit: Tani Gill

One thought on “Five Minutes in Nature: A mindful journey through art and nature

  1. Tani dear… Just loved n admired the concept, articulation, and graphic account of Nature and everything that goes with her! Nature is the living.. visible garment of God!!Im obsessed with Nature.. which has proved to be d biggest inspiration, healer, joy, and Catharsis for me!! It was myGarden… an abode for birds, squirrels, my pet dog.. tortoise,, wild cats.. n reptiles…. that helped me retain my sanity n saved me from boredom n lethargy during d Lockdown! God bless u..my dear! Keep adoring Nature… to remain at peace with yourself!!


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