Create your own Scientist’s Notebook

Find animals in the Museum or in an outside green space and draw or write about what you see. Scientists do this when they explore the natural world. Scientist’s Notebook activity sheet Download our Scientist’s Notebook activity sheet and use the notebook template on there to help you explore the natural world Your Notebooks These Scientist Notebooks were created in the Museum of Zoology on … Continue reading Create your own Scientist’s Notebook

Dimetrodon illustration by Alastair age 7 3/4

On the Trail of a Creature…

There’s lots of animals to be found in the Museum of Zoology. Our Young Zoologists Club members show and tell you about their favourites and welcome you to explore the collection online and create your own. Download the trail and then use the links below to explore the collection online. Choose your creature to fill in the trail gaps! Delve into the collections online to … Continue reading On the Trail of a Creature…

Museum of Zoology Rhino Specimen. Please note that the horn on the specimen is a replica. Credit S Steele.

Rhinos in art: not just a pretty picture

Oscar Wilson, graduate student says, Not being conventionally beautiful, cute or colourful, rhinos might not seem like the obvious choice for most artists. However they have a much more important role in art history than most animals and the importance of art to the five modern rhino species continues to this day. “How did it die?” One of the scariest questions you can be asked … Continue reading Rhinos in art: not just a pretty picture