Photograph of robin singing

Birds: The Dawn Chorus

Have you been woken early in the morning by birds calling outside? At this time of year, early risers are treated to one of nature’s wonders – the symphony of bird song we call the Dawn Chorus. It was International Dawn Chorus Day on Sunday (May 3rd), and to celebrate some of our team woke up early to capture these sounds of spring for you.

Song of the Blackbird

Last week, one of our fantastic Visitor Engagement volunteers, Tony Fulford, shared his beautiful recording of suburban blackbirds singing at the break of day:

Listen to the beautiful sound of a dawn chorus of suburban blackbirds

Find out more about blackbirds on Tony’s blogpost: Song of the Blackbird.

Dawn Chorus on Sunday 3rd May

Our learning officer Roz Wade recorded the dawn chorus at the end of the garden on International Dawn Chorus Day. The sound quality is not up to Tony’s standards, but you can listen to the birdsong here:

Why not wake up with the sun and open your window to hear the dawn chorus at home? Now is the perfect time of year to listen. Want to know what you are listening to? The RSPB website has a bird song identifier, and the BTO website has some top tips on getting your ear in on birdsong.

You can find out more about the Dawn Chorus from the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts.

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