Photograph of a starling coming in to feed at a bird feeder

Birds: Starlings

Academic in the Department of Zoology, and one of our visitor engagement volunteers in the Museum, Dr Tony Fulford writes: Pirates, pirates!  Other garden birds take refuge when a gang of starlings descends.  Gangling, long-legged, short-tailed and sharp-billed they strut about at twice the speed of other birds, dominating the bird feeders and forever squabbling.  There has to be more to such a gregarious, lively, … Continue reading Birds: Starlings

Robin specimen at the Museum of Zoology

Birds: Meet the Robin

Roz Wade, Learning Officer a the Museum, writes: We are starting our Birdwatch series on the blog with one of our favourite British birds: the robin, Erithacus rubecula. With its cheerful red breast, the robin provides a flash of colour throughout the year. Seen one? It’s worth three points on our Open Your Window Bingo Like many people, a robin was my ‘starter bird’ for … Continue reading Birds: Meet the Robin