Wildlife from your Window: Exploring the natural world at home

©Alex Torok

The Museum is closed, and we are all having to spend time at home, but nature is still there, just waiting for you to uncover it. No matter where you live, the natural world is never far away. You might be lucky enough to have a garden, or you could open your window to hear bird song and buzzing bees. Being with nature has a calming effect on our senses and improves wellbeing.

Over the coming months, the team at the Museum of Zoology will be sharing information about some of the wonderful animals you can see in your garden and from your window. We also have hints and tips on how to encourage more wildlife without having to leave home.

Why not take part in our Open Your Window Bingo! and share with us what you can see. Send us your sightings by tagging us on social media or using #OpenYourWindowBingo and you can feature in our Online Community Gallery!

Click here for Wildlife from your Window activities and information, or choose Wildlife from your Window in the menu at the top.

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