photograph of a brimstone butterfly

Puggle Club Stories: Eggs!

Lots of different types of animals lay eggs. Can you guess what hatches from these eggs?

Eggs come in sizes large and small

Today this one’s the biggest of them all

It’s shell is thick, I wonder which

Animal will hatch – an ostrich!

Now what’s this little egg I see

Under the leaf of a buckthorn tree?

Can we see what hatches? Let give it a try…

The caterpillar of a Brimstone butterfly!

Last egg today is small and round

In a pouch on mummy’s belly it’s found

Here it hatches and look, what a winner

A pink, wriggly puggle, a baby echidna!

Did you guess those? Do you want another egg challenge? Head over to our Cryptic Egg Hunt and you see if you can spot the eggs that are trying their best to hide. 

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