Heart and dart moth in trap

Zoology Live Day 5: Nighttime Wildlife

Welcome back for day 5 of our online Zoology Live festival. So far we have been exploring the wildlife you might see around you during the day, but today it is the turn of noctural wildlife. We were live on YouTube at 4pm on Friday 26 June, where we delved into the world of moths and bats, with LIVE interview with moth expert Annette Shelford. … Continue reading Zoology Live Day 5: Nighttime Wildlife

Photograph of a hoverfly resting on a leaf

Zoology Live! 22-27 June

The Museum may be closed, but there is amazing wildlife on your doorstep waiting to be explored. As we can’t celebrate our annual Zoology Live festival at the Museum this year, we are bringing it to you online instead with a week of films, interviews and activities. Every day at 4pm, join us on YouTube Live for wildlife films and live interviews with experts, and … Continue reading Zoology Live! 22-27 June

Heart and dart moth in trap

Build your own Moth Trap

Moths are a widespread and diverse group of insects, but they can often be overlooked. A large part of this is due to many species being active at night, meaning that people have fewer opportunities to interact with them. They also rely heavily on camouflage and have a reputation for being more ‘drab’ in colour than their day-flying butterfly relatives. However, there are many exceptions … Continue reading Build your own Moth Trap