International Women's Day title screen with images of female scientists

Celebrating Women in Science

For International Women’s Day 2022, the Museum of Zoology hosted a special online event featuring four brilliant female scientists based in the Department of Zoology talking about their research and inspiration, all on a theme of animal evolution. Here you can find the recording of this event:

This event was run on Zoom on Tuesday 8 March 2022. Here is a running order of the event:

0.00: Introduction
2.12: Dr Emily Mitchell, talking about Deep Time Ecology
15.47: Dr Kate Criswell, talking about How to Build a Backbone
29.00: Dr Elia Benito-Gutierrez, talking about Understanding Morphological Innovation in Chordates
52.53: Dr Rahia Mashoodh, talking about Epigenetics and Inheritance
1.05.00: Panel Discussion

For more women in science and conservation, and to find out about previous International Women’s Day events from the Museum, check out our Women in Science hashtag on the blog

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