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Build a Dormouse Den

Gather up your blankets, sheets and cushions to build a nest fit for a dormouse. Join the Museum of Zoology to discover how dormice create a cosy winter hide-away and have a go at creating your own giant nest, big enough for you to take a nap in. 

Dicover more about dormice nest building behaviour from The People’s Trust for Endangered Species: Can dormouse nests reveal more about their behaviour?

Hazel dormouse. Björn Schulz (= User Bjoernschulz on de.wikipedia) / CC BY-SA (
Björn Schulz on de.wikipedia / CC BY-SA

Watch the full nest-building videos: Building a nest, a fingle woods trilogy

Find out what the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire are doing to protect dormice in local woodlands: Wildlife Trust BCN, dormouse

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This activity was created as part of Twilight with the Museums. Discover more free sleepover-ready activities here:

With special thanks to Matt Parkins, Ellie Bladon, Dr Gwen Hitchcock, The Wildlife Trust BCN, and The People’s Trust for Endangered Species.

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