Reindeer in the snow

Winter Wildlife: ZoologiCOOL

How are animals adapted to the cold of winter? Why do some escape it, and are their migrations being affected by climate change? And as for the most important winter journey of all – are reindeer really the best animals to pull Santa’s sleigh? These are all questions we will be looking into in our Winter Wildlife: ZoologiCOOL livestream on Wednesday 1 December. Join us live on our YouTube channel at 7pm and put your questions to our winter wildlife experts!

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Ask the Scientist is back for ZoologiCOOL!

We are excited to welcome some brilliant scientists ready to take your questions during our Winter Wildlife: ZoologiCOOL livestream.

Want to learn more about migratory birds and the challenges they face? We will be joined by Dr Carles Carboneras and Dr Guy Anderson from the RSPB who work to protect some of our most iconic and threatened migratory birds, including turtle doves, cuckoos and swifts. Find out more about the amazing journeys these birds undertake every year, and how scientists are working to better understand and conserve them.

We will also be joined live by animal locomotion expert Dr Matt Wilkinson, author of Restless Creatures: The Story of Life in Ten Movements, to take a playful look at what it would take for reindeer to pull Santa’s sleigh and answer your questions on the ways in which animals move.

Put your questions in the comments on YouTube during the livestream and we can put them to our experts live.

Wonderful Waxwings

We have been working with our Young Zoologists Club members to create a waxwing irruption to feature as part of the Winter Wildlife livestream. Why not get involved yourself! Download the template and follow the instructions to make your own winter wildlife waxwing to fly alongside the livestream, and upload pictures or videos of your model to our community gallery so we can make a flock online too.

Watching Winter Wildlife

Inspired by Winter Wildlife: ZoologiCOOL to get outside and watch some winter wildlife? Here are some of the sights and sounds of winter in East Anglia, from the Whooper Swans visiting Welney Wetlands Centre and wading birds feeding at Titchwell Marsh to the starlings you might here in the trees on your doorstep:

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