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Saving Our World: Megafauna

Wildlife conservation; gardeners of the forest

The Saving Our World packs hope to inspire you to think more deeply about wildlife conservation by delving into real-world themes and issues. The first pack Saving Our World: past, present and future compared two case studies, one based in the UK and one based in Southeast Asia.

This resource; Megafauna, hopes to get you thinking about the larger inhabitants of our planet and their place in the ecology of the world’s forests.

Note for teachers: We have designed this resource with differentiation in mind. For KS3 or lower-ability levels, focus on section one. Students at KS4-5 or with a particular interest in conservation science can explore the rest of the pack at their own pace.

Discover more about the importance of biodiversity in wildlife conservation and more on the Our Solutions are in Nature resource.

Test your knowledge with our Saving Our World quiz:

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