Photograph of a peacock buttefly on a flower

Watching Summer Wildlife

This is the final Nature Classroom post before the summer holidays. We hope you have been enjoying exploring the natural world with us this term. We thought we would finish the term with some fun activities engaging with the wildlife on your doorstep. There is information about a fantastic citizen science project from Butterfly Conservation, as well as wildlife-watching activities as part of Summer at … Continue reading Watching Summer Wildlife

Paper craft of fenland habitat

A Journey through Time and Habitats

All living things have adapted to surviving successfully within their environments. They have adapted to changes in climate and habitat, as well as the other species that live around them. Some even work with other species to benefit themselves. Human impact has caused a lot of environmental change to happen very quickly. Evolution and adaptation are processes that take a long time to occur, and … Continue reading A Journey through Time and Habitats

Coral reef. Credit S Steele

Our Changing Reef Habitats

Just beneath the waves in shallow tropical seas you’ll find a world teeming with life. It’s here that we find coral reefs – colourful habitats where countless creatures live. This Nature Classroom will explore these fascinating ecosystems and how they are being affected by climate change. First we will uncover what corals are, then make a coral reef spinner to explore coral bleaching. We’ll then … Continue reading Our Changing Reef Habitats

Climate Change: the board game

You are an animal species, living in the savannah. The world is divided in four habitats based on the average temperature and precipitation (rain and snowfall) in each area. There are hotter and colder regions around you, but you find the average temperature of the savannah very comfortable. The savannah is occupied by a number of different species (the other players), all adapted to this … Continue reading Climate Change: the board game