Photograph of a hoverfly

An Insect a Day Part 8

Prof Bill Amos of the Department of Zoology continues his insect photo diary with a beautiful longhorn beetle, a selection of fascinating flies, and a wonderfully camouflaged caterpillar.

You can see more of Bill’s photographs on the blog:

An Insect A Day for bee fly, orange tip buttefly and parasitic wasp.

An Insect A Day continues for scorpion fly, shield bug and click beetle.

An Insect A Day Part 3 for wasp beetle; dragonfly and aphids giving birth.

An Insect A Day Part 4 for metallic beetles and day-flying moths.

An Insect A Day Part 5 for butterflies, beetles and clear-wing moths.

An Insect A Day Part 6 for beetles, hoverflies and the silken webs of emine moth caterpillars.

An Insect A Day Part 7 for lacewings, butterflies, hoverflies and more.

Insect-eye View for sawfly, hoverfly and solitary bees.

Why not have a go at photographing insects yourself? We would love to see your photos of wildlife where you are. Share with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by tagging us or using #OpenYourWindowBingo to feature in our online Community Gallery.

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