Conifers, Mead's Plantation. Credit John Howlett

How can green space affect children’s wellbeing?

To celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month the Museum is sharing the stories of 27 inspirational women, alongside the animals they work with the most.

Kate Howlett

Museum of Zoology

Kate Howlett

“I’m a PhD researcher in the Museum working on biodiversity within the green spaces in primary school grounds. I’m particularly interested in the diversity of insect and other invertebrate species because this is great for exploring the wildlife in more urban or humanised areas.

I’m interested in how green space can affect children’s wellbeing and engagement with the natural world. Does having a greener school mean that children are more aware of the wildlife that lives around them? Does this mean they are happier and/or healthier? How can we manage these green spaces to better support a healthy diversity of living things?”

Kate explores the concept of Why Perceptions Matter further here.

Find out more about Kate’s research on the Insect Ecology Group Site or follow them on Twitter: @InsectGroup

An equal world is an enabled world.
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