Weevil on hand. Credit S Steele

30 Days Wild Challenge

Kate Howlett, PhD student:

Kate Howlett, PhD student at the University Museum of Zoology, talks about why she’ll be taking part in the Wildlife Trusts’ 30 Days Wild challenge. She’ll be doing one ‘random act of wildness’ each day this June and seeing what effects this has on her happiness and health.

Click the button below to read her piece about why she’s never taken part in the challenge before even though she researches children’s connection with nature. She used to think this challenge wasn’t ‘for her’, but now, she’s realised it’s for everyone, including you…

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova

TASK: Keep a Wild Diary for June. Include your #RandomActsOfWildness and how they made you feel. Did you spot any wildlife that made you stop?

You can record this in many ways; photographs, sketches, collage, written word or poetry. It’s up to you!

Read Kate’s reflections here: Reflections on 30 Days Wild

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