World of tomorrow creation by visitors March 2020

World of Tomorrow

How can people live in harmony with nature?

World of tomorrow creation in Museum of Zoology
World of tomorrow creation at the Museum of Zoology

This was the question posed in a family art workshop in the Museum led by artist Hilary Cox Condron in partnership with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative. See some of the ideas and solutions designed by workshop participants for a Cambridge of the future.

Green roofs, habitats for wildlife, bird boxes, sustainable travel, renewable energy, flood-proof housing, vertical farming… see their creative vision for our city and have a go at building your own. We would love to see your creations. Find out how to share them with us at the bottom of the post.

Celebrate #EarthDay2020 by creating a World of Tomorrow together.

Think about what you would change about today, and how we can create a world that is better for all living things. Use your ideas to shape your own 3D creation:

How to build your vision:

  1. Begin with a simple pencil drawing of a space that you are familiar with; a room in your house, your garden, street, or nearest green space.
  2. Gather together all sorts of materials; recycled containers, paints, crayons, pipe-cleaners, fabric scraps. Whatever you have at home.
  3. Transform your drawing into a colourful representation of the world you would like to see in the future.
  1. Think about how we might look after our local wildlife. How will we all get our food? (Animals, plants and people).
  2. Be inspired by the spaces that wildlife has created for itself. How can we include this design in our spaces?

Visitors to the Museum in March 2020 worked together to create their vision for the future before we all began staying at home. Have you noticed anything different in your local environment since the start of April?

  • Does your town or city look different with less people moving about?
  • Do you enjoy the car-free streets?
  • Do you notice things that you didn’t before?
  • Listen out for bird song in the morning, or pay attention to the little things like flowers growing in cracks in walls. Nature may surprise you.

Share your Worlds of Tomorrow with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and tag us to feature in our virtual gallery.

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The World of Tomorrow event at the Museum of Zoology. This artist-led workshop was created in partnership with the Cambridge Conservation Initiative as part of the Cambridge Science Festival 2020.

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