'Twilight at home' on a background of house silhouettes. Colours fade from purple at the bottom to blue at the top and include a white moon, stars and faded white clouds

Twilight at Home: Anglerfish

Deep-sea anglerfish live in the deep, dark areas of the world’s oceans and are named for the way that they attract a meal. Much like a fishing (angler) rod would entice a fish using bait or a lure, the female anglerfish houses bacteria in and around the end of a long fin ray. This bacteria glows in the gloom of the deep sea and attracts … Continue reading Twilight at Home: Anglerfish

Amphioxus against a black background

Reconstructing ancestors: insights from the ocean

Giacomo Gattoni, PhD Student, writes: When we look at the natural world we are often in awe at the richness and diversity of life forms that we can observe. As an undergraduate student, I became fascinated by evolution, the process through which this diversity originated during the history of life. I am particularly interested in reconstructing ancestors of modern animals, organisms that lived in the … Continue reading Reconstructing ancestors: insights from the ocean