Jaws! Feeding Adaptations in Mammals

Animals have to eat. Unlike plants, we can’t make our own food. We can see that animals have lots of features geared up to making sure they don’t go hungry, from the senses that help them find food to the mouthparts that eat it and digestive system needed to break it down. In this Nature Classroom we will be exploring some of thefeeding adapations found … Continue reading Jaws! Feeding Adaptations in Mammals

Photograph of a green turtle swimming

Exploring Skulls: Green Turtle

Get ready – our regular Nature Classroom posts will begin on Monday with a post exploring animal lifecycles. Discover the amazing world of amphibians and their larvae. Have a go at being a bird building a nest. Get up close to a tiger skull and see how tigers change as they grow. There’s lots to look forward to. Science caps on and watch for wildlife! … Continue reading Exploring Skulls: Green Turtle