Robin singing

Birdsong in Early Spring

For Twilight with the Museums this year, the Museum of Zoology worked with other Museums across Cambridge to develop a digital sleepover – activities that families could do together at home inspired by the Museums’ collections. As part of this, our Curator of Birds Dr Daniel Field and learning officer Dr Roz Wade ventured out early one morning in February to see which birds were … Continue reading Birdsong in Early Spring

Rodents: small, furry and in a hurry

Aime Rankin, PhD student writes: Anyone with a pet dog, cat or rabbit will know the joy that furry animals can bring. But did you know that there are little fluffy creatures all around us? Britain’s most numerous mammals are shy, very energetic and an important part of the ecosystem. I am of course, talking about rodents! While some rodents get a bad reputation as … Continue reading Rodents: small, furry and in a hurry

Common lizard. Image credit John Howlett

Sunshine and Scales: British Reptiles

Alex Howard, PhD Student, writes: While our trademark rainy and cold weather are not always the most conducive to ‘herping’ (going outside to look for reptiles), the UK is in fact home to six different species of reptile. If you’re going on walks early in the morning, you may spot some of our native scaly friends. You’ll be lucky to see them, as all of … Continue reading Sunshine and Scales: British Reptiles