A Children’s Anthology of Insect Recipes

Have you ever eaten a worm? Maybe a locust?

Many insects provide more protein per bite than the types of meat and fish that we usually eat. They also take up far less resources to farm, with less land, water, feed, transport and labour going into their production, giving insect protein a much smaller carbon footprint than farming livestock.

A chunky white caterpillar with black, yellow and red coloured splotches and black spines

Caterpillars for dinner?

The caterpillar of a species of emperor moth, Gonimbrasia belina, is eaten across Southern Africa and known in English as the ‘mopane worm’.

Image credit: SAplants – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

This means insects could provide us with a sustainable source of protein, but first, countries like the UK need to normalise eating them, following other cultures where insects are a key ingredient in many recipes.

This recipe book, brought to you by Charlotte Milbank, Tess Tallula and Alex Murdin, will take you on a cooking adventure and teach you to use insects in weird and wonderful ways. From tasty snacks and school night dinners to delicious desserts.

This book was created for the children and teachers of Trumpington Park Primary School. Published by the Insect Breeding Institute (2021). Commissioned by Cambridge Primary Education Trust and Cambridge County Council, supported by commission projects.

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