Purple Emperor Butterfly

Portals to the World: Butterflies Through Time

Explore our Butterflies Through Time exhibition with dementia friendly resources.

These resources have been created in partnership with Dementia Compass, for adults with dementia and their care partners in mind. While they were initially created for participants of our Portals to the World course, we hope that they may be used by you at home and in the Museum too.

Printable exhibition guide:

Example image of exhibition guide
Example image of exhibition guide

This guide has been created to help adults with a cognitive impairment to explore the themes represented in the exhibition. With the help of visual and conversational cues, we hope to connect everyone with the ideas shared by the exhibition artists.

View and download the handout via the blue DOWNLOAD button below. This will open in a new window.

Have some questions or would like assistance in using these resources? Dementia Compass are on hand to help. Get in touch by email here: hello@dementiacompass.com

See more resources like this on our Portals to the World pages:

The Portals to the World programme is created through a partnership between the University of Cambridge Museums and Dementia Compass

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