Rockpools on the west coast of Scotland

Pondwatch: Rockpools

It’s the summer, and so in the last of our posts celebrating National Marine Week we are having a go at our favourite beach holiday activity: rockpooling. Join Learning Officer Dr Roz Wade as she explores the animals living in the rockpools of the west coast of Scotland. Watch the feeding tentacles of sea anemones, the slow but steady movements of sea snails, darting fish, scuttling crabs, and transparent prawns – get your eye in on these and you can spot loads of them!

Are you going to the beach this summer? Why not look out for some rockpools and see if you can spot any animals living in them. Remember to take care if you do – the seaweed on rocks can be slippery, and while the rockpools in the video were shallow, not all of them are. Make sure you look after the animals living there as well as yourself too. Try not to disturb them too much, and make sure you leave a rockpool as you found it, returning any inhabitants you may have caught to look at more closely, and putting back any small rocks or pebbles where you found them.

You can find some top tips for rockpooling on the Wildlife Trusts website, and and the Young Peoples Trust for the Environment have some great information about some of the species you can find on the coast.

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