Make a Wildlife Film

Are you looking for a wildlife project for the summer holidays? Why not have a go at making a wildlife film? Here is Ellie Bladon, a researcher from the Department of Zoology, with her top tips on making a wildlife film on a budget.

If have access to a smart phone or digital SLR camera, you have equipment suitable for making a short film for YouTube or other online platform. And you don’t have to travel far to make a great film. Even the animals that are commonly seen in our local green spaces have fascinating stories to tell. We would love to see any films you make – either tag us on social media, use the #ZoologyLive or email a link to your film to

Want some more inspiration? Here is one of Ellie’s films, all about the beautiful and charismatic hazel dormice of Brampton Wood:

Happy creating!

(c) Ellie Bladon

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