Jen Smart looking at landscape through a long lense

Reversing the decline of priority species

To celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month the Museum is sharing the stories of 27 inspirational women, alongside the animals they work with the most.

Dr Jennifer Smart


Dr Jennifer Smart

“Species conservation is at the heart of everything I do, and my favourite group of birds are waders like the black-tailed godwit. I work for the RSPB where as a scientist, I was trying to figure out what we could do to reverse the declines of waders breeding in wetlands.

I now have a new role as Head of Species for RSPB England, which involves ensuring that our dedicated teams working at the forefront of conservation are doing the right things for our priority species, focused on the most important places for those species.”

Discover more about Black-tailed godwits here: RSPB Black-tailed godwit

An equal world is an enabled world.
#IWD2020  #EachforEqual

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