Common blue, (c) S Steele

Zoology Live: your sightings on iRecord

Thank you to everyone who took part in our Zoology Live iRecord challenge.
Hoverfly - (c) S Steele

We asked you to send in wildlife sightings from where you live and we received over 100 entries, which included 86 different species. Our involvement with national insect week clearly struck a chord as 79 of these species were minibeasts and the most common sightings were hoverflies.

We also had sightings of flowering plants, birds, mammals and amphibians, showing the wide variety of wildlife that lives around us. Thank you for sharing your sightings and if you would like to see a summary of our Zoology Live iRecord event you can follow this link: Zoology Live: iRecord sightings

We have chosen 20 highlights from the week below:

Click here to learn more about iRecord and how to sign up click here

To learn more about other citizen science projects and how you can help contribute to scientific research check out our post: Citizen Science

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