Photograph of a eurasian badger

Exploring Skulls: Badger

Have you taking part in our Nature Classroom this term?

A few weeks ago we looked in detail at feeding adaptations in mammals, from enormous lion canines to the grinding teeth of herbivores. Check out the animals and activities in our Jaws post here.

This week’s nature classroom is an extension of this. Join Learning Offer Roz Wade as she shows you one of her favourite skulls: the skull of a badger. From its powerful bite to its wonderful jaw joint, this is a skull full of adaptations.

Want to compare it with a turtle skull? Check out our green turtle here:

Why not compare this skull with another carnivore: a red fox?

Or a herbivore, like this muntjac deer:

And finally, the amazing skulls of rodents with a guinea pig, complete with live demonstration of their feeding apparatus at work:

Sketch a Skull

Photograph of a badger skull

Task: Design your own feeding machine

Now you have seen lots of feeding adaptations in mammals, have a go at designing your own feeding machine. Download our Skull Sketch sheet, choose a diet and draw a skull with the teeth and other features needed to eat it.

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