Photograph of three finger puppets

Create Arctic animal puppets

Animals in the Arctic are all connected. Sat on top of the world, the Arctic is made up of sea ice surrounded by land. It is very cold, and contains very little plant life. The animals that live there rely on each other for their food and survival in this unique environment.

A food chain shows how the animals are related with each other by the food they eat.

Let’s create some Arctic animals to put into a food chain!

  1. Print or trace the puppet templates found on this page.
  1. Colour them in, give your animals patterns, fur, scales.
  1. Cut out your puppet. Don’t forget to ‘release’ the bear and seal cheeks from the face; see video.
  1. Using glue, secure your puppet head into a cone shape.
  1. For your bear and seal; glue the cheeks to the face so that you create a snout.
  1. Glue the body into a ring shape, ensuring that your tail or feet line up how you want them to.
  1. Lastly, create a ring for the end of your finger with the spare strip of paper. This should be stuck inside your puppet’s head to help small fingers manouver the animal.

Animate your animals into a food chain. Would the seal be chomping on an Arctic cod for dinner? Can the polar bear find the seal amongst the ice?

Share your creations with us to be featured in our community gallery. Ask a grown-up to help you to tag us in your picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Explore more about the Arctic and it’s animals:

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Arctic foodchain activity sheet

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Arctic species affected by climate change

Find out more about food chains in different environments around the world here: Jaws! Feeding adaptations in mammals.

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