Photograph of yellow spiderlings


This week in Puggle Club we are looking for spiders. Count with us as we see which of these animals has eight legs and is a spider.

Spiders are amazing animals. Can you spot any around your garden or on your daily walk? They can make silk and weave webs of many different types. These help spiders to catch their food. Webs can be sticky so their prey stick to them. There is another neat trick that spiders can do with their webs, and something you can try at home. This will need two of you.

Do you have a piece of string or yarn? Each take an end of the string so that it is taut and not slack or floppy. Now one of you, put the fingertips of your other hand on top of the string and keep them still. You are the spider. The other person now pretends to be an insect walking into or along the web, or plucks it as some spiders do. Can you feel the web moving? There are different ways spiders can use this sense. Some spiders wait in a hole and come out when they feel the right sort of tiny movements, or vibrations, on their web that tell them ‘dinner’s here’.

Photograph of yellow spiderlings
Image credit: Matt Lowe

Find out more about British spiders with this fantastic blog post by PhD student and spider expert in the Museum Michael Pashkevich.

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