Pondwatch Episode 1

Do you have a garden pond? Have you looked into its waters recently? We would love to know about the wildlife you can see. Your pond doesn’t have to be big and elaborate, and you don’t have to be an expert to see some really interesting animals living there. Don’t have a pond? Fear not – the team at the Museum of Zoology will be sharing some of the things we can see in our ponds. Over the next few months, keep your fingers crossed and maybe we will see tadpoles transforming into frogs, underwater invertebrates and more.

To begin this series, here is the garden pond of our Learning Officer, Roz Wade:

I’m no expert in pond life, but I love to find tadpoles, and I’m fascinated by animals that live underwater.

Join us next week as our Curator of Insects, Dr Ed Turner, takes us pond-dipping and gives tips on how to design and attract wildlife to a garden pond.

In the meantime, why not share what you can see with us on twitter?

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