Specimens in the Museum of Zoology representing World Habitats Day

World Habitats Day 2021

Monday 4th October 2021 is World Habitat Day. To celebrate habitats from around the world, here we look at some of the animals that live in different ecosystems from the African plains to the deep ocean floor, written by staff, students and volunteers at the Museum of Zoology. World Habitat Day was set up by the UN to reflect on urban habitats, with this year’s … Continue reading World Habitats Day 2021

Photograph of a taxidermy sloth

Animal Alphabet: S is for Sloth

Join us every Tuesday as we make an alphabet from the animals in the Museum of Zoology. Today is the letter S: S is for sloth, seahorse, snake, shoebill, startfish, solenodon and starfish? Can you think of any others? Join us next week as we explore the animals in the Museum beginning with the letter T – including something stripy with big teeth… Continue reading Animal Alphabet: S is for Sloth