'Twilight at home' on a background of house silhouettes. Colours fade from purple at the bottom to blue at the top and include a white moon, stars and faded white clouds

Twilight at Home: Anglerfish

Deep-sea anglerfish live in the deep, dark areas of the world’s oceans and are named for the way that they attract a meal. Much like a fishing (angler) rod would entice a fish using bait or a lure, the female anglerfish houses bacteria in and around the end of a long fin ray. This bacteria glows in the gloom of the deep sea and attracts … Continue reading Twilight at Home: Anglerfish

Badger mask complete with making materials

National Badger Day Mask

What’s black and white and likes eggs for dinner? The UK’s largest land predator of course! This week we celebrate the European badger; an omnivore that likes to snack on small mammals, birds’ eggs, worms, fruit and plants. Discover more about how scientists are Conserving Britain’s Carnivores here or delve into the details of a badger’s skull with our Exploring Skulls video: Creating your badger … Continue reading National Badger Day Mask