Amazing Animal Adaptations

To celebrate the Museum reopening on September 24, for pre-booked visits only (for details and how to book, see our website), we have developed a new trail around the galleries taking in some of the amazing adaptations on display. Not able to visit the Museum? You can explore these adaptations here, with some extra ideas on ways you can discover more about animal evolution at … Continue reading Amazing Animal Adaptations

Photograph of a hedgehog skin and skeleton

Animal Alphabet: H is for Hedgehog

Join us every Tuesday as we make an alphabet from the animals in the Museum of Zoology. Today is the letter H: H is for hedgehog, hoopoe, hippopotamus, honeycreepers, hoatzin, horse and heron. Can you think of any others? Join us next week for animals in the Museum beginning with the letters I and J, including a fabulous fossil and a mammal that jumps… Continue reading Animal Alphabet: H is for Hedgehog